Why Choose the Hamilton Law Firm

“Perspective from the Inside Out”

With over 20 years of experience representing individuals, small businesses and large corporations as both plaintiffs and defendants, the Hamilton Law Firm is intimately familiar with all aspects of personal injury lawsuits. To defendants, the firm brings the plaintiffs’ perspective. To plaintiffs, the firm brings valuable knowledge about how corporations and insurance companies evaluate and defend cases. This perspective helps in establishing both a strategy and expectations for our clients.

National Counsel Experience

As former national litigation counsel for a Fortune 500 company, attorney Patrick Hamilton knows the tenacity, resources and tactics insurance companies and corporations will use to defend themselves. This inside knowledge has proven useful on many occasions.

Personal Attention

Patrick is accessible and responsive. Phone calls are always returned promptly. Meetings outside normal business hours or at your location can be arranged. Large firms have size and overhead built in. Sometimes this means that resources are not as efficiently allocated as possible. At the Hamilton Law Firm we only use what is necessary and our extensive personal network means that administrative staff and even additional lawyers can be brought in when and if a case warrants it.

Collegial Environment

The Hamilton Law Firm is located in a friendly space that houses seven other law firms. This means that the firm is not simply working in a bubble, and can tap the experience and legal minds of others without incurring the overhead of a larger firm.

Straight Talk

Clients will always get the straight story from The Hamilton Law Firm. The law is complex; even a “slam dunk” case can be extremely complicated and time consuming. Clients will always be told what they need to hear, even if it isn’t always what they want to hear.